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"Security Serious" campaign aims to inspire UK Plc

In this Cyber-Hostile world, renowned experts are joining forces to inspire others to become more security savvy. Security Serious is all about the IT security industry, and the professionals that work within it, working together non-gratis to help make UK Plc a safer place to trade online. The campaign has the tagline “we take security seriously – do you?

Yvonne Eskenzi, the driving force behind this campaign, explained, “Security Serious is all about those that can’t, learning from those that can – its simple really. I plan to bring together our leading experts to convey their words of wisdom to those people and organisations who want to become more security savvy.

"The response we’ve received for this campaign, and the calibre of the supporters on board, all prepared to selflessly give their time to help create a safer online community is inspiring."

Security Serious, running from Monday 26 to Friday 30 October, will see 50 of the world’s most renowned experts in cyber-crime and security freely offer their time and expertise to companies who want to become more security savvy and cyber-aware. A timetable of conferences, workshops, training sessions and webinars is scheduled to take place aimed at educating users in a number of security disciplines. For example, a workshop titled ‘Food for thought: The Top 10 Cyber Threats to SME’s and their Cyber Insurance Options’ – courtesy of Risk Factory & Ashley Page, will take place in one of London’s Latest Landmarks – 20 Fenchurch Street (the Walkie Talkie Building.)

Security Serious has a microsite detailing everything that is being organised and offered over the five days, including a resource library containing a number of government sponsored and industry donated literature that informs organisations of their obligation to protect the data they collect and best practices to do so.

Yvonne concludes, “Security Serious is all about raising awareness and improving people’s attitude towards security, especially as many of us at some time in our lives will become a victim of cyber-crime. From the conversations I’ve had with those working in the sector, many believe they’re fighting a losing battle – but I firmly believe that together we can change that. The reality is the adversary – the hackers and cyber criminals, are employing increasingly devious tactics against UK Plc. The only way we’ll be able to create a more secure online place to trade is if we become just as creatively devious, sharing our intelligence and best practice to become more secure – and everything’s always better when you do it with friends.”

Security Serious has attracted a number of high-profile supporters from the UK’s leading businesses, universities, associations and government bodies – including: Unilever, BT, HP Security Voltage, Canon UK, HSBC, Publicis Groupe, GlaxoSmithkline as well as the Department of Culture, Media and Sports and many of the world’s leading IT security vendors.

To find out more about Security Serious, the organisations supporting the campaign and planned events, visit (opens in new tab)

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