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Trend Micro buys HP's TippingPoint for £195m

Global security software company Trend Micro announced on Thursday that it has acquired HP's TippingPoint, an intrusion prevention system company which deals with IT threat protection.

The acquisition, worth an estimated $300m (£195m), will allow Trend Micro to offer a complete intrusion prevention and breach detection solution to safeguard businesses against increasing threats to their data.

This new integrated security offer will cover endpoints, network, data centre and the cloud. Trend Micro will also combine current and acquired capabilities to create a Network Defense business unit, serving more than 3,500 enterprise customers, the company said in a press release.

Today's businesses are facing increasing number of threats, which become more complex every day.

“To face this problem, organizations need a layered threat defence working seamlessly across the enterprise to address threats before, during and after an attack,” said Eva Chen, CEO, Trend Micro. “As an ideal complement to our market-leading protection for data centres and endpoints1, this new next-generation network defence solution combines our best-in-class network breach detection system2 with proven intrusion prevention and response capabilities from TippingPoint. Given our tenure with both HP and TippingPoint technology, we are excited about the agility of this acquisition and the value it will create for customers.”

In addition to network security, this agreement includes the threat insight and expertise of TippingPoint’s Digital Vaccine LABS (DVLABS), that provides real-time threat intelligence with innovative security filters to analyse vulnerabilities and exploits.

“Another benefit is the Zero Day Initiative, which has responsibly disclosed more zero-day vulnerabilities than all competitors combined through the diligence and expertise of an extensive community of researchers,” the company concludes.