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OpenStack Foundation aims to train OpenStack admins

The OpenStack Foundation today announced it's launching a certification program for OpenStack cloud admins.

The announcement was made during the bi-annual developer conference, Tech Crunch wrote in a report.

The OpenStack Foundation is a non-profit responsible for the increasingly popular open-source cloud computing project. Knowing it’s quite a complex one, consisting of a large number of sub-projects, it is fairly hard for businesses wanting to adopt the technology, to find qualified administrators.

With the certification program, the OpenStack Foundation is looking to change that. The certification process was developed with the help of Canonical, Cisco, HP, Mirantis, Rackspace and SuSE, among others.

In order to become a certified OpenStack admin, a candidate will have to pass an online test, which will be available globally. The Foundation expects that it will administer the first tests — with the help of the Linux Foundation — in 2016, but it is yet unknown how much the test will cost.

There will be some 20 training providers, helping future admins prepare for the test, as well.

Tech Crunch also reported that the OpenStack Foundation also launched a new Project Navigator, offering users a catalogue of information about the various OpenStack projects.

“One of the primary reasons that the community reorganized the project into core and optional services was to simplify the process of architecting and deploying OpenStack-powered clouds,” OpenStack COO Mark Collier said today. “Project Navigator takes this a step further by giving users new to our community a simple, graphical presentation of core and optional project information to help them quickly make informed decisions about the components they need in their own deployments.”