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InteliSecure acquires Pentura to form data protection juggernaut

With the amount of data breaches sky-rocketing over the last year, it is not surprising to find the fear of data loss and theft increasing. In fact, according to research from The 451 Group, Data Loss Prevention is the number one concern and security challenge, among Chief Information Security Officers.

On the back of this, leading Denver-based next generation Managed Security Service Provider InteliSecure (opens in new tab) has acquired leading penetration testing/DLP provider, Pentura Ltd. (opens in new tab), head quartered in Reading, UK. This acquisition is the latest in an increasing trend of leading U.S companies raising vast amounts of venture capital in order to invest in the UK cyber security markets.

The combination of InteliSecure and Pentura creates one of the world’s largest managed security services organisations focused on critical asset protection (opens in new tab).

Rob Eggebrecht, President and CEO of InteliSecure explains why he chose Pentura and discusses both company’s product offerings. “At the end of the day, this acquisition, from a service perspective, enhances our offerings in the UK and EMEA, and greatly expands our capabilities in all service offerings, particularly the managed services, security assessment and incident response portfolios, increasing our teams 3X with more best-in-class talent in the global managed DLP market. ”

“Pentura is the definitive leader in the UK security assessment market, providing world-class services to enterprises of various sizes throughout the UK and EMEA”, Eggebrecht added. “Our acquisition is a win-win for our customers in North America and Europe, as well as for future enterprise customers who recognise the most effective stop-gap measure to combat today’s escalating cybersecurity threats is through critical asset protection. Pentura has a complementary business model, size, scope and reputation within the UK market. They are the market leader in DLP and security assessments and culturally we mesh extremely well; moreover, both companies are customer driven.”

When asked what market problem this acquisition addresses, Eggebrecht continued, “Critical Asset Protection. We are shifting the paradigm from trying to protect everything to putting a highly-prioritised focus on what’s important to organisations: people, process and technology, to protect those assets rather than just shoving technology at a problem which has proven to be ineffective. We have fuelled our growth through a Series B round and this acquisition to build the next generation global MSSP. Our model is disruptive in nature. By making the acquisition overseas and raising more capital, we’re in a great position to scale our growth.”

This acquisition also has an impact on the channel. “We are bringing to the channel a new option for MSSP services to their customers. Both our managed and professional services are tailored to be delivered through channel security consultancies, service providers and system integrators. The channel has had access to traditional perimeter managed security service providers, and we anticipate eventually 15 per cent of our revenues will come from existing channel partners. In the EMEA market specifically, the vast majority of our revenue will be earned from our channel partners. ” explains Eggebrecht

“We are thrilled to announce we are now a part of InteliSecure, a move that helps us accelerate, scale and extend our breadth of pen testing, DLP, and GRC service offerings for our customers,” said Pentura CEO Tony Allen (opens in new tab). “InteliSecure is the market leader in managed DLP and critical asset protection services, and we look forward to building our leadership position in the next generation managed security services market.”

Founded in 2002, Pentura is a market-leading managed DLP provider within the UK. Through its highly accredited penetration testing, Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) and Governance, Risk & Compliance services (GRC) services, the company is recognised and respected (opens in new tab) in the UK for mitigating the risk for their clients by protecting mission-critical and sensitive data.

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