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Symantec introduces Advanced Threat Protection solution

Symantec has released a new solution promising to unify corporate security, something that's becoming increasingly harder to control.

The Symantec Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is, according to the press release, "the first solution that can detect and remediate advanced threats across control points, from a single console with just a click, all with no new endpoint agents to deploy”.

The problem with today’s security measures, according to Symantec, is that with all the different types of malware, security professionals can no longer rely on using individual point products at each control point to stop them. Also, the process of uncovering threat data across endpoint, network and email gateways is manual and time-consuming, which gives attackers an edge.

The Symantec ATP can correlate suspicious activities across all control points, which is its main selling point.

The ATP will allow security experts to uncover a full range of threats, prioritise what matters most by correlating the threat intelligence from across local control points with all that Symantec sees globally through its telemetry, remediate the threats fast through containment of endpoints and blocking new instances across control points and leverage existing investments in Symantec Endpoint Security and Email, without deploying any new endpoint agents.

The ATP solution will be available before 2015 ends, the company said, adding that it will cost $40 (£26), $60 (£39) and $70 (£45) per user annually to secure one, two or three control points, respectively.