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HP splits into two companies

November 1 has arrived and you know what that means, don't you? No, we don't want to hear your Halloween stories. We saw the photos on Facebook and it was boring.

November 1 means HP has officially split into two companies – one consumer-oriented, and one enterprise-oriented. The Hewlett Packard Enterprise will focus on infrastructure and services for the corporate market, while HP Inc will focus on printers and PCs for the consumer market. V3 has gotten a chance to talk to Andy Isherwood, UK managing director for HP enterprise.

"Customers were asking us about two different sets of things; one was very enterprise-centric, and one was very device-driven, and those are very different businesses that require a different level of focus and a different level of agility, and there is no way you can spread your R&D dollars to do everything, so you have to get focused," he said.

According to Isherwood, the company's main focus now is to have the ability to react fast.

"Markets are moving so quickly that the thing we worry about most is the competitor that you don't know about today who could take market share from you tomorrow," he said, and the same is true for HPE's customers, so they are looking for a technology provider who can help and support them to move more quickly.

"HP is justifiably renowned for its R&D, but I think that we had fundamentally lost sight of that, frankly, but I think we are now seeing a pipeline of innovation, not just in hardware but software, and our services innovation that will hopefully allow us to be successful," Isherwood said.

The full interview with Isherwood can be found over at V3.