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Windows 10 adoption rate slowing

Windows 10 was off to a furious start, but three months in – it seems as the adoption rate is slowing down. According to Net Applications, Windows 10 is currently holding 7.94 per cent of the market.

Windows 7 is still reigning supreme with a share of 55.71 percent. Windows XP is in second place with 11.68 per cent, followed closely by Window 8.1, Microsoft's operating system holding 10.68 per cent of the market.

When it was first introduced in July, it was off to a furious start – reaching a market share of 5.21 per cent in the first month, mostly thanks to Microsoft's free upgrade program. However, as months went by, the adoption rate slowed down. Two months in, growth was 1.42 per cent in September, reaching a total of 6.63 per cent. Now in October, the OS is at 7.94 per cent, an increase of 1.31 per cent.

The biggest “loser” in the situation is, quite surprisingly, Windows 7. The operating system lost more than 5 per cent of the market share after Windows 10 was released. I say ‘quite surprisingly’, as many reviewers described Windows 10 a great upgrade for Windows 8.1, but not as good for those still sporting Windows 7.

Windows 10 has around 120 million users as of October 29, and Microsoft hopes to have a billion users by 2017. There are still some 14 months for the company to achieve its goal. With the company offering free upgrades to users until summer 2016, they may reach their target on time.