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EE prepares for 5G with high-speed tests next year

EE is planning to launch 1Gbps speed tests next year as the mobile network provider gets preparation underway for 5G connectivity.

Although the high speed network will initially only be available for certain business sectors, it will eventually be opened up to the public.

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The NHS, building sites and the police force are expected to be early beneficiaries of EE’s technical developments in 2016. Police in Staffordshire are hoping to become the UK’s “most technological advanced police service" by embracing 4G public Wi-Fi, EE’s Connect IoT platform, connected vehicles and 4G streaming cameras. It is estimated that by possessing faster, more reliable mobile connectivity, officers could save approximately 250,000 hours of front line staff time per year.

Similarly, the introduction of more advanced mobile technology could also provide significant benefits for NHS patients, enabling better communication with members of staff. Estimates suggest it could cut unnecessary GP and hospital appointments by as much as 65 per cent.

EE, like many of its rivals, understands the importance of continuing to develop the UK’s telecommunications infrastructure. Not only do faster mobile networks provide individual benefits for users, they also help UK businesses to compete on the world stage. 93 per cent of the country currently has access to 4G connectivity, but developments are well underway to improve upon this. Regulatory challenges must first be overcome, however, before EE can formally test and launch its 5G networks.

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In the meantime, the mobile network provider has plenty of other innovations to work on. Its Internet of Things Connect platform launched last month and is already being used by Royal Mail.