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Nokia Networks and Artemis to test Perlman's pCell tech

Nokia Networks is about to test Steve Perlman's controversial technology, which the latter claims can dramatically speed up wireless services, in real-life conditions.

According to Re/Code, Perlman's start-up company Artemis Networks, have signed an agreement with Nokia Networks to test his technology, dubbed pCell. Steve Perlman says the deal with Nokia Networks represents a significant milestone.

The agreement says Artemis Networks will test pCell in crowded areas, such as indoor stadiums or airports, to see if it can really deliver 50 times the capacity of 4G LTE networks.

The tests will use the same wireless spectrum and existing Apple and Android devices. Nokia Networks will be tasked with connecting pCell to its networking equipment, and support the handover of devices to and from existing networks.

Rather than being slowed by interference as traditional networks are, the Artemis approach relies on congestion, using it to help deliver data to other devices, Re/Code reports.

“I have seen the demo … in a very controlled environment, but it seems to work,” said Nokia Networks Chief Technology Officer Hossein Moiin. “What we’re doing next is demonstrating that it does work. I’m not 100 percent sold, but I’m a believer.”

If the tests are successful, and the technology proves to be solid and economically feasible, Nokia will integrate it into existing systems.

“It’s game-changing for us,” said Perlman. “It means that we’re no longer a startup trying to go and get the Tier 1 operators — people like AT&T or the big operators in Asia and Europe — saying, ‘Hey we’ve got this really cool thing for you’ … but you’re not big enough to deploy it.”