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Outlook for iOS gets a new look

If you're an avid Outlook user, this article is for you, and it will most likely brighten up your Tuesday.

The popular email app has been redesigned for the iOS, and the new look is available as of today. UK’s Business Insider says a new Android version is also in the works, and that it too should be available in the coming weeks.

But that’s not the big news – the big news here is that Outlook for your PC is also getting revamped. It will take some time, though – probably six months or more, but that’s where Microsoft is heading, together with the two acquisitions it has made to boost the email game.

The redesigns of mobile email clients are the result of Microsoft’s integration of Acompli and Sunrise, the two email start-ups it acquired recently. There are, however, bad news for Sunrise fans. Once it’s completely integrated into Outlook, "Sunrise will be sunsetted," Microsoft Corporate VP of Outlook Javier Soltero tells Business Insider.

To commemorate the redesign, Soltero shared some usage statistics. In the eight months or so since Outlook for iOS launched, it's accrued almost 30 million active users, and hit 1.2 billion unique sessions — as in, times people opened the app — per month.

"This product didn't exist as either Acompli or Outlook two and a half years ago, but here we are," says Soltero.

And if you were wondering why Sunrise got assimilated and Wunderlist, another Microsoft’s acquisition, was left as a standalone app – there’s an explanation.

According to Soltero, Outlook has four pillars: email, calendar, people and files. There’s no place in Outlook for anything else.