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VMware strikes a deal in China

VMware has struck a new deal with a Chinese company, opening itself the doors to the huge eastern market. However, the it seems to be something of a super-secret deal, as VMware's newsroom is completely silent on the matter. Its Chinese newsroom is silent too, and so are the Chinese social feeds.

Luckily for us, The Register noticed it after a local outlet,, reported on the news last Friday.

According to these reports, VMware has struck a deal with Sugon, and will see a billion dollars go China's way in the next five years.

Sugon is a group that also includes "Downing Information Industry“.

Dawning Information Industry, according to Wikipedia, is a supercomputer manufacturer in the People's Republic of China. Its Dawning 4000A and Dawning 5000A clusters were both ranked tenth in June 2004 and November 2008 TOP500 lists respectively. Dawning has manufactured some of the fastest supercomputers in the world including Nebulae, the second fastest computer in the June 2010 TOP500 list.

The Register says it glories in its role providing supercomputers to China's heaviest consumers of computation. By teaming with VMware, the company says it can now get into the cloud caper and expects to have services to show off in the next six months.

Considering that VMware is quiet on the matter, it's hard to know exactly what the deal is about, but according to and some Google translating, the government seems to be the company's main target for partnership.