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5.5 million OPM hack victims notified so far

About a quarter of all federal workers who have had their personal data stolen in the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) hack have been notified so far, the agency spokesperson has told NBC news, adding that the notification process is on track.

That quarter equals to some 5.5 million people, said OPM spokesman Samuel Schumach.

"Before we began mailing the notification letters, we estimated the process would to take up to 12 weeks," Schumach said. "OPM made the decision to 'ramp up' our mailing rate in order to assess our processes and the ability of the vendor to register impacted individuals for identity theft protection and monitoring services."

Back in June, OPM reported on what seemed to be two separate incidents. In one, 4.2 million people’s data were affected, while in the other one – 21.5 million. After a closer inspection, seeing that some of the data overlapped, the total number of people affected stood at 22.1 million.

When notices began to be sent out at the start of October, OPM Director Beth Cobert said in a statement that the letter-mailing process could take "considerable time."

"I understand that many of you are frustrated and concerned, and would like to receive this information soon," Cobert said. "However, given the sensitive nature of the database that was breached -- and the sheer volume of people affected -- we are all going to have to be patient throughout this notification process."

The company ID Experts said that notifications "will continue to be made over a period of 12 weeks through the beginning of December. If you believe you should receive a letter and have not received it yet, please be patient."