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Consumers call for TalkTalk to face higher fine over data breach

Research from encrypted data centre Artmotion has found that over half of UK consumers (53 per cent) believe that the maximum fine businesses can face for failing to protect customer data should be increased.

45 per cent said that the fine should be "significantly higher" than the £50,000 limit that TalkTalk is currently facing and only 22 per cent think that the current limit is acceptable.

The study questioned over 2,000 consumers from the UK, US, Russia, Germany and Australia about their views on data privacy, with Brits being the most critical of businesses that fail to protect their customer's privacy.

Mateo Meier, CEO of Artmotion said: “As this new research indicates, the British public have had enough of businesses playing fast and loose with their private information while regulatory bodies like the ICO remain powerless to act.

“At the same time governments need to do more to encourage high-level encryption to help businesses defend their customers’ data. We live in an age where teenagers are capable of bringing down established brand names with nothing more than a laptop, and yet we continue to hear talk about how encryption needs to be reduced for the benefit of some vague notion of national security.

“While increasing regulators’ ability to act in these matters can only be positive, it needs to go hand in hand with more consistent legislation from regional and national governments when it comes to data security.”

Image source: Shutterstock/AVN Photo Lab