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Virgin Media to offer free broadband installation for small businesses

Following the UK government’s postponement of its cost-saving connection scheme, Virgin Media is stepping up by announcing the provision of a trial-free broadband installation for small businesses.

The government’s Connection Voucher scheme previously required small businesses to save up to £3,000 before it was disbanded.

In the absence of the scheme, Virgin Media said that it intends to cover installation costs of up to £1,000 in similar areas the the government’s scheme covered. In addition, the internet service provider said it will push the government to bring the original voucher system back.

Virgin Media director of small business Mike Smith said that the company understands that “one of the biggest challenges facing small businesses is upfront costs, including for the likes of broadband.”

“In the meantime, we’re pleased to launch this exclusive trial for the UK’s small businesses to help them get online and thrive with the fastest available broadband,” Smith said.

Apart from Virgin Media, CityFibre, a fibre-optic provider in London, would also be waving connection fees for small businesses, which could bring a potential savings of up to £2,500.

Virgin Media recently said that it believes a stable broadband network for all businesses could boost the UK economy by up to £92 billion, citing a conducted research.