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UK digital workforce to grow 30 per cent by 2022

By 2022, the UK will get another 274,000 digital workers, which represents an increase of 30 per cent, which is why it is 'absolutely vital' to help them achieve their full potential, London's mayor Boris Johnson said as he unveiled a new investment programme.

The programme, valued at £5 million, aims to teach young Londoners all the essential skills they will need in order to keep London where it is today – at the forefront of digital innovation and business.

Another aim of the programme is to encourage more women to choose a digital career, as they currently represent just a third of the workforce.

The initiative was created in partnership with the London Enterprise Panel (LEP) and will create a London Digital Talent Pipeline to help schools and colleges to rework their curriculums to meet the requirements of tech employers.

The Telegraph reports that students aged between 14 and 24 will be taught skill sets as defined by these employers. The programme will also oversee the creation of five digital learning hubs designed to train participants.

Mr Johnson, who is also chairman of the LEP, said: “London is a hotbed of top technological innovation, brimming with creative minds who are helping to boost the capital’s economy and that of the whole country.

"However, it is absolutely vital that we nurture our tech stars of the future and make sure that our deep reserves of talent do not run dry. This new scheme will help London to remain ahead of the game when it comes to tech and give thousands of young Londoners the chance to share in the city’s economic success.”