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Dropbox launches new solutions and security features

Yesterday, at the Dropbox Open event, the cloud storage company launched Dropbox Enterprise. Building on the idea of Dropbox Business, Enterprise is aimed at larger organisations and includes a new set of security and admin tools.

At the same time, the company also launched Dropbox Platform 2.0, and updated version of its API that makes it easier for developers to build apps. Also announced was the new Dropbox Partner Network, creating a way for partners to collaborate to create new products and communicate with customers.

But it is Dropbox Enterprise that is the big news of the day. It affords administrators the ability to easily migrate personal accounts to enterprise accounts, and provide the tools needed to monitor how Dropbox is being used by employees. Dropbox can be easily integrated into existing systems thanks to unlimited access to the Dropbox API.

Talking to attendees of today's event, CEO Drew Houston said:

"What started as a simple way to access files from anywhere has evolved into a global collaboration platform. Today, Dropbox connects 400 million people and 8 million business across the world through 2.8 billion sharing connections.

Dropbox also launched three new security features. The first is the ability to suspend a user account, making it possible to lock a user out of their account without deleting their files. Admins also gain the ability to log in as another user, and custom branding is now an option.