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Google wants to build chips for mobile devices

The talk about Google wanting to create its own chips to power its mobile devices is getting louder, with The Information shedding some new light on the matter.

According to its report, Google recently talked with some microchip makers to see if there is anyone interested in building chips based on Google’s designs, similar to what Apple is doing with its devices.

To recall, the Apple iPhone uses the Ax chip designed by Apple but manufactured by someone else.

Why would it want to do that? Apparently, it would make the competition with Apple that much more interesting. Future challenges, like implementing augmented reality and virtual reality would require a tighter software-hardware integration and optimisation, something that can be done by Google designing both.

Still, finding a partner in crime could prove difficult for Google. On order for Qualcomm to do that, it would have to lose its competitive edge, which is not something it will be willing to give up easily. If Google looks for partners from a pool of low-cost Android manufacturers, it could end up with a product that’s not of the highest quality.

The high-end market, which Apple dominates, is where Android fragmentation may be costing Google precious sales.

A partial solution could lie in the Nexus line of products, The Verge believes: “One possibility, if chip makers don't agree to use Google designs, is requiring manufacturers of Google's Nexus line use only its own designs — all the way from the chip to the body of the device.”