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SecureAuth adds behavioural biometrics to its platform

SecureAuth Corporation, an authentication solutions provider, announced yesterday it's teaming up with BehavioSec to integrate its technology into the SecureAuth IdP Authentication API.

BehavioSec is a behavioural biometrics developer company. Its analytics use mouse movement, keystrokes and touchscreen interaction to identify users based on how they interact with technology.

These features will now be integrated into SecureAuth IdP, an API which allows companies to develop their own authentication protocols.

The overall goal is to add a continuous, passive authentication capability to SecureAuth’s platform.

"This is a truly sophisticated technology, in that the end user's experience is only impacted if their keyboard, mouse, or touch interactions raise a red flag," said Keith Graham, CTO of SecureAuth. "Combining BehavioSec's patented approach with SecureAuth's Adaptive Authentication will further help businesses stay ahead of advanced threats. The marriage of SecureAuth and BehavioSec's technology provides an unrivaled approach to helping organizations not only better protect themselves, but also provides the means to help them detect human attackers who may have breached their network."

"SecureAuth's status as a major innovator in the adaptive authentication space, along with its diverse customer base, made the company a natural partner for us," said Dr. Neil Costigan, CEO of BehavioSec. "Similar to BehavioSec, we know SecureAuth's end goal is to make businesses more secure and more competitive, but do so in a way that is user friendly and dynamic. This is especially important in today's increasingly challenging market, as movements to the cloud, mobile devices and an embracement of the Internet of Things mandate more flexibility -- not less."