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Adware flare-up another blow for Android security

Android has suffered another security blow with the discovery of new strains of malware which cannot be removed and some of which are even immune to factory resets.

The Trojan Adware hides inside clones of popular apps such as Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat and aggressively serves malicious ads which infect the device.

Some of the third-party apps that have been infiltrated are little more than shells for the advertisements but others will work as normal.

Tom Lysemose Hansen, founder and CTO of Norwegian security specialists, Promon, commented:“As this is only the most recent chapter in an unfolding saga of compromising attacks made to Android devices, it is beginning to look as though the ease of access that once stood in Android developers’ favour could now be its Achilles Heel. This partly comes down to a lack of adequate PEN testing before applications are uploaded to the app store. To safeguard against external threats, instead each individual app should be fitted in advance with sufficient security, which is in turn verified by a third party to ensure its legitimacy.

“Apple had effectively operated under this model since the recent news of its app store’s hack, however, given the model’s current instability, it has never been more important for developers to ensure apps’ security from the first instance by equipping them to deal with present and future threats.”

Android has suffered several security issues lately with the news that an SDK vulnerability left 100 million users at risk and reports that Google's security researchers had discovered coding vulnerabilities being introduced by manufacturers.

Photo Credit: Kirill__M / Shutterstock