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Apple off the hook over bag searches lawsuit

A lawsuit by which Apple employees asked the company for a compensation for having their bags "demoralizingly” searched every day after leaving work was thrown out by the California court.

Some 2,400 former and current employees from 52 stores throughout the state asked compensations for time spent over a six-year period having their bags and Apple devices searched at meal breaks and after their shifts.

The US District Judge William Alsup said in the ruling that there were people who didn’t bring any bags to work with them, and they weren’t searched. So, there were ways to avoid being searched.

“It is undisputed that some employees did not bring bags to work and thereby did not have to be searched when they left the store,” he said.

“Plaintiffs are disappointed in the court’s ruling and are exploring their options, including an appeal,” Lee Shalov, a lawyer for the workers, said in an email to The Telegraph.

An Apple representative didn’t immediately return a phone message seeking comment on the ruling.

Experts say the lawsuit was worth some $60m (£40m), plus penalties.

The last big employee lawsuit Apple faced was the one when the company conspired with Google and a couple of other tech giants to drive pays down by agreeing not to hire each other’s employees.

That lawsuit was agreed ahead of trial and was settled for $415 million (£275m).

The lawsuit covered a period extending from 2005 to 2009. More than 64,000 technology workers will receive about $5,800 apiece to settle allegations.