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Five top tips for finding that perfect software partner

Finding a reliable business partner can be a difficult task, with many joint partnerships falling apart due to differences in working practice or goals. Sunrise Software offers five top tips for firms looking for a perfect partner to launch a new software project with.

  • Look at how they do business

When you talk through your requirements, are they really listening, are they trying to work with you and give you a solution that is right for you, or are they just trying to sell you the latest and greatest they have to offer regardless?

The perfect software partner will be one you can consult with and who help you buy, rather than sell.

  • Do they have integrity?

A company that is prepared to say ‘no’ because they don’t believe they can deliver what you need, has integrity – they are not looking to just take your money.

A company that is happy to be upfront about what they can (or can’t deliver) has honesty and will give you confidence that they are not just committing to something to get your business.

A true partner will only let you buy what you need.

  • Do you like them?

A really simple concept, but ultimately what regard do you hold for the people you have met so far?

A company is only as strong as its people, if you have not enjoyed dealing with the people you have met with so far, there is a strong possibility that you will regret handing them the PO.

  • Why does the company exist?

It’s a good idea to get a sense of what sort of organisation that you will be making your new partner. Why do they exist and do you agree with them? Are they just a vehicle for venture capital pay-off and IPO?

It is important that you identify with the organisation you are investing in.

  • Do they give you confidence?

When you speak with your contacts do you feel confident that they will be able to deliver what they are promising, if there are doubts you may need to rethink.

Photo Credit: EDHAR/Shutterstock