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WordPress now powers a quarter of all WWW

Out of all websites on the entire internet that have any sort of content management system (CMS), WordPress powers more than half.

Considering the fact that half of the internet doesn't use any recognizable CMS system, it brings us to the conclusion that WordPress, the open-source content management platform, powers 25 per cent of the ENTIRE INTERNET.

Let that sink in for a moment.

The information was brought by W3Techs, a company that measures both usage and market share: “WordPress is used by 58.7 per cent of all the websites whose content management system we know. This is 25.0 per cent of all websites.” While these numbers naturally fluctuate over the course of the month, the general trend for WordPress has been slow but steady growth.

“We should be comfortably past 25% by the end of the year,” Automattic founder Matt Mullenweg declared. “The big opportunity is still the 57% of websites that don’t use any identifiable CMS yet, and that’s where I think there is still a ton of growth for us (and I’m also rooting for all the other open source CMSes).”

Even though the figures are impressive, there's still half of the entire internet to conquer, so there's room for growth.

However, the methodology used by W3Techs is also worth mentioning. It examines websites and not individual pages, but if a technology is on any of a website’s pages, it is considered to be used by the website.

Also, the company doesn’t scan the *entire* WWW, but the top 10 million websites, based on Alexa’s ratings. It also excludes subdomains and redirected domains, so the actual number is somewhat fewer than 10 million.