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Adobe Launches New Data Marketplace

Adobe today announced Audience Marketplace, a new data exchange in Adobe Audience Manager, the company's data management platform (DMP).

Audience Marketplace is a private data marketplace that connects advertisers and content publishers to buy and sell second and third-party data faster and with more simplicity.

The data exchange also enables companies to scale their high-value audience segments for personalized and targeted content across marketing channels.

Adobe says that through Audience Marketplace, customers will benefit from integrations with leading data providers, while Adobe will make sure they are adhering to standard data privacy and security policies. The network will be able to offer "large volumes of high-value audience data for more accurate and valuable insights”.

Moreover, first-party, second-party and third-party data can now be merged, Adobe says: “For example, companies with look-alike audiences, such as an airline and a hotel, can exchange data since both audiences have similar consumer profiles associated with travel.”

“Audience Marketplace redefines how marketers manage, activate and monetize audiences across marketing channels,” said Amit Ahuja, general manager of data management, Adobe. “Unlike other companies, Adobe simply wants to connect customers with data providers without trying to monetize any of the data in the exchange itself.”

Samsung was quick to praise Adobe’s new service: “Samsung is focused on delivering a cohesive, personalized customer experience across all digital touchpoints, and Adobe Audience Manager plays a critical role in our cross-channel data ecosystem,” said Jesse Laskaris, Senior Product Manager of Personalization at Samsung Electronics America. “With Audience Manager, we can aggregate our first, second and third-party data, and then build high-value audience segments to more effectively understand and engage with customers through programmatic buying, site personalization and other channel-specific tactics.”