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Serious cyber attacks against the UK doubled in a year

The number of "serious” cyber-attacks against the UK has doubled in just a year, BizTek Mojo reported on Tuesday, saying the company responded by forming a cyber-security academy to tackle the issue.

According to the report, GCHQ says there are, in average, seven serious threats faced by the country each day, and just last month it recorded 200 attacks, including state-sponsored assaults.

These “serious” attacks don’t include cyber-attacks on civilian home computers, but instead only track bank attacks, nuclear establishment attacks and attacks against power plants. Organised crime and state-sponsored attacks are also considered “serious”.

“The GCHQ did not mention any state or nation that they had caught snooping around in the UK's network,” the report claims.

The UK responded to the increased threat by launching a cyber-academy. The University of Southampton is launching the Cyber Security Academy to aid average consumers, both big and small businesses, and government to be more prepared and protected against malicious attackers.

The Academy was announced on November 9 during an IAI5 event in London. Graduates from the CSA will be trained under industry-relevant CPD programs. It will also be responsible for hosting enterprise, consultancy and research regarding the field.

Roke Managing Director David Cole said: "In order to meet the demands of an increasing cyber security threat, the UK needs a continual flow of high quality engineers and consultants to protect our critical infrastructure and enterprises, and to protect personal data. The Cyber Security Academy partners will work together to drive forward the UK’s cyber capability and talent - attracting and developing world class experts into the cyber security industry, facilitating technology innovation, creating new opportunities and driving UK productivity.”