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ARM announces new Cortex-A35 CPU

Today, ARM announced a set of new features, both in the software and in the hardware department.

On the hardware side, the company announced the Cortex-A35 processor, which it calls a new standard-bearer for efficiency among 64-bit processor.

On the software side, it announced the ARMv8-M architecture together with TrustZone, a technology which helps secure data, firmware, and peripherals by creating separate trusted and non-trusted states across the processor system.

ARM says the Cortex-A35 is the most efficient Cortex-A class CPU it ever made. The company says it delivers an average of 20 per cent greater performance and efficiency across a range of 32-bit mobile workloads relative to Cortex-A7, while consuming less than 90mW total power per core, when operating a 1GHz in a 28nn process node.

“Overall, the Cortex-A35 processor is a performance-per-milliwatt leader designed to enable a complete and uncompromised 64-bit mobile user experience while maintain full compatibility with existing 32-bit applications.”

Beyond the architecture, ARM is taking data protection to the next level with the TrustZone CryptoCell product family. The enhanced security technology creates an additional layer of hardware security and enables the isolated storage of high value assets, offering optimized cryptography and the lifecycle management of key materials.

To complement the ARMv8-M architecture, the ARM AMBA 5 AHB5 specification has been launched to extend the TrustZone security foundation from the processor to the entire system for embedded designs. This new version of the AHB interconnect standard is available to download and adds security controls as well as extended memory types required for higher performance embedded systems. AMBA 5 AHB5 supports ARMv8-M architecture and TrustZone technology.