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Amazon is launching a payment service, again

It seems as Amazon is ready for another round in the payment platform fight. This time around, however, the media are saying everyone should be paying attention, as Amazon just might have finally gotten it right.

Re/Code was first to break the news, saying Amazon is ready to launch “Pay with Amazon”, bringing the buttons to mobile apps while “tripling down” on placing its Pay with Amazon buttons on websites in overseas markets. The feature is currently available in the U.S. only.

The service will be led by PayPal veteran Patrick Gauthier, who in the meantime formed a team to develop the payment system for the Web and mobile apps.

Gauthier said that Pay with Amazon’s external transaction volume increased 180 per cent year on year, hinting the competition, such as PayPal, should pay attention to what Amazon’s doing.

Yet, the media keep saying both Amazon users and the competition should be at least a bit sceptical, as this is not the first time Amazon has tried something like this and failed in quite a spectacular fashion.

For example, its digital wallet project was killed earlier this year before it even exited beta testing. That doesn’t seem to worry Gauthier too much:

“What people never realize or truly understand about Amazon is that part of the recipe for success is daring to try things you have no idea whether will succeed or not,” he said, referencing payments projects that have flopped. “And if you think that you have a notion of how to succeed … you try again.”