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Docusign partners with Office 365 in eSignature push

Docusign and Office 365 have announced a joint initiative to accelerate the adoption of eSignatures and DTM (Digital Transaction Management) on mobile devices for business use.

The advent of cloud storage, SaaS (Software as a Service), and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), which when powered by WiFi/4G provides anywhere anytime communications, has allowed businesses to become truly mobile.

Digital business transactions can be processed anywhere on mobile devices but the last step, signing the documents remains an analogue process of physically printing, signing and then scanning a document. This ‘last mile’ in a business transaction can add unnecessary delays and prevent deals processing quickly and efficiently.

Technologies like mobile electronic signatures can go a long way to alleviate some of these delays in closing the deal. This allows you to conduct business transactions digitally to completion rather than by exchanging documents by fax, courier, or by printing, scanning and email - these options are not just costly and time-consuming, but difficult to secure, manage, and audit. DocuSign believes that their Mobile eSignatures solution allows you and your contacts to legally control, sign and send documents from mobile devices, easily, securely and efficiently.

Subsequently, providing a means to legally and securely send and sign business documents from mobile devices allows your business to be more flexible and responsive. Companies that have adopted mobile eSignature have used the technology to their commercial advantage.

The reason for this is that DocuSign’s mobile eSignature technology, allows you to close deals faster, reduce costs, improve efficiency while still maintaining through Office 365 the required levels of information security, confidentiality, document control and regulatory compliance.