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iPad Pro is a laptop wannabe, analysts say

Here's an interesting idea why Apple's latest and greatest tablet, the iPad Pro, could be a complete and utter failure.

UK's Business Insider talked to a couple of market analysts from IDC and Gartner who agree on one thing – Apple is trying (and might not even be aware of it) to push the laptop off the office table and replace it with a tablet hybrid. As long as people still use laptops the way we all use computers today – there is very little room for the tablet.

In an email sent to Business Insider, Marta Fiorentini, an analyst for IDC says:

"Traditional computing remains relevant and users that have limited mobility needs (ie. users who mostly use their notebook at home or desk-bound employees) may not need a detachable tablet and will continue to prefer traditional clamshell devices, even if thinner and lighter or with a convertible keyboard.”

Roberta Cozza, a researcher for Gartner, agrees: "you still use [the iPad Pro] with the QWERTY keyboard. It is still something that you would use mainly on a desk."

"It is a matter of the usage pattern of the main buyers of this thing".

So basically it was the laptop that needs to be called a desktop, as we still prefer the clamshell device as our main business unit. And the tablet needs to stop trying to be a laptop device working with a QWERTY keyboard. A completely new approach must be found.

“Of course, the iPad Pro could still be a massive success but by clinging onto the current needs of employees who work at a desktop, Apple is unlikely to convert the masses into buying something that costs more than a MacBook Air in a comparable specification,” Business Insider concludes.