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What can the iPad Pro offer in professional productivity?

On 11 November Apple released its latest iPad in the UK, a device targeted at the professional user. The iPad Pro is the largest iPad Apple have released to date with a 12.9-inch touchscreen.

The iPad Pro is also powered by an A9X chip, which is 1.8 times faster than the iPad Air 2. Furthermore, Apple says the battery will last 10 hours, which makes the iPad Pro an improvement in power, performance and usability than most current laptops.

However, the interesting thing about the iPad Pro is it comes with a pencil (stylus) and a detachable keyboard. The reason Apple has introduced the pencil, is that unlike the iPhone, the iPad Pro is designed as a professional productivity tool rather than a consumer device. Also, things have changed since Steve Jobs statement back in 2010 – that no one would want a stylus - and the iPad products have developed to such an extent they are commonly used as professional devices in preference to bulkier laptops.

The drawback of course to the iPad has always been the lack of input devices. The iPad is typically thought of as a device for viewing documents and for internet access whilst on the move, but the pencil and external keyboard go a long way to solving this dilemma. Now the iPad Pro can be used just like a laptop, however the iPad Pro’s robust features and high performance, comes at a professional price, and with the pencil and keyboard being optional extras, the Apple iPad Pro with accessories is priced and designed for the professional market .

Despite the additional charge the pencil is certainly a valuable accessory, and recent demand since the launch shows there is certainly demand for an input device that allows designers and artists to draw accurately on the iPad Pro’s large touchscreen.

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