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Cyber-security huge issue for businesses

Cyber-security is a huge issue for businesses not only in the UK but all around the world, we all know that. But when a company such as Equiniti speaks, we stand up and listen.

Equiniti is saying that cyber-security is an extremely significant issue for businesses in the UK, and to combat the problem it is sponsoring Queens University Belfast Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT), a UK centre for cyber-security research.

The company is particularly interested in the potential to combat cyber-security issues through the biometric technologies being developed at CSIT. Biometric technology could potentially have immediate benefits for increasing efficiency and combating fraud for many of the business areas that Equiniti supports, such as pension and dividend payments internationally.

Equiniti believes IT organisations have the potential to save millions of pounds every year by successfully defending fraud whether through attacks from hackers or reducing fraud.

The company processes financial information for 1 in 3 of the UK population.

“Cyber security covers a spectrum of issues and there is no single solution. From our own perspective, we are entrusted to make payments to approximately one in three of the UK’s population; through Equiniti Intelligent Solutions we also deliver managed IT services to some of the most highly regulated organisations in the UK, such as Covert Management Systems for 50 per cent of the UK’s police forces,” said Guy Wakeley, Equiniti’s managing director.

Stephen Wray, commercial director at CSIT said: “Having Equiniti as a member and collaborative partner helps to apply our cyber security expertise into an even wider range of applications in business. Cyber security is an important element in maintaining trust in business, and we look forward to working with Equiniti to develop new solutions that can be used to limit fraud, increase efficiency and protect extremely sensitive data from malicious cyber-attacks.”