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Dell and EMC complement each other, CEO says

For all those who stressed over whether Dell will sell EMC off or not, you can sleep peacefully – Dell has no such intentions, the CEO confirmed.

According to a report by Computer Weekly, Dell defies the industry norm through EMC acquisition. While businesses are losing appetite for large-scale IT contracts, with contracts being split across multiple suppliers, Dell does exactly the opposite.

The challenge for the company is to convince such organisations that buying from a single source is the better option.

“We are excited about the specialist company we are creating in PCs, storage and servers, giving us unmatched reach to customers, from the largest to the smallest in the world,” said Dell.

Even though the two companies have certain products which overlap one another, it doesn't seem to be concerning Dell.

“The portfolios of products are highly complementary. There are some overlaps in storage, but Dell product lines and EMC storage product lines are somewhat different. We are going from seven to nine [product lines], which is not a problem, and we’ll continue to enhance them.”

The company seems to be headed in the right direction, at least when looking at its figures. At a recent briefing prior to his visit to the company’s Emea Solutions Conference in Vienna, Dell said: “We have had 11 quarters gaining share in the client business and we are gaining share in the server business.” According to Dell, customer loyalty is at record levels. He claimed the company filed 27 per cent more patents this year than in 2014.

Dell better be right. The $67bn investment is a lot of money, and failure is not an option any more.