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The password problem: UK businesses need new identity security technology

Many European companies are struggling to implement new identity security technologies, despite it being a key business priority.

A recent survey commissioned by Ping Identity UK found that IT decision makers across the UK, France and Germany face significant barriers to identity security, which in turn is preventing digital transformation projects.

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The research indicated a growing acceptance that passwords are no longer a suitable security option in the modern workplace. 65 per cent of respondents either strongly agree or agree that passwords are no longer fit for purpose, but moving to new technologies is proving a challenge – 86 per cent of those surveyed admitted that passwords still formed the basis of their access management solutions.

Innovative security options like multi-factor authentication and fingerprint scanning could provide a solution to the password problem, but only 5 per cent of respondents felt that there were no barriers to adopting new technologies. Prominent challenges cited by IT decision makers included budget restrictions (57 per cent), time restrictions (28 per cent) and compliance reasons (24 per cent – UK only).

Phil Allen, vice president of sales at Ping Identity EMEA, believes that the entire business must embrace new security protocols if they are to gain mainstream traction.

“It is clear that IT decision makers throughout Europe face significant barriers to making the changes needed to safeguard employee identity, and this is a real cause for concern,” he said. “The transition to Identity Defined Security software and to digitally transforming the business, should not be borne by the IT department alone. Buy-in from the board, CEO and other key stakeholders within a business is imperative to ensure that we move from the password era, into a more secure, ‘identity-defined’ future.”

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84 per cent of European IT decision makers see the implementation of new identity security software as a top priority, but whether they invest the time and resources required to achieve it remains to be seen.