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VMware open sources Photon Controller

VMware has kept its word it has given us earlier this year and has made its Photon Controller open-source.

Being one of the key components of the Photon Platform, the Controller manages and delivers components like Mesos, Docker, and Kubernetes throughout a multitenanted environment.

First announced at VMworld, the Photon Platform is a purpose-built solution designed to meet this emerging need and features in order to run cloud-native applications at scale. The Photon Platform currently features two technologies, the Photon Machine and the Photon Controller.

Automation-savvy DevOps teams will be able to speed the creation of thousands of new containers per minute and support hundreds of thousands of total simultaneous workloads now.

According to StorageReview, the technology will also incorporate Project Lightwave, which provides enterprise-grade trust and security for containers. It was announced that the Photon Controller would be available as an open source project so developers, customers, and partners which would be able to engage with VMware directly about Photon Controller.

VMware’s advantage over others is strong network virtualisation, and the company is dying to see how devs put its cloud-native apps stack to work. The Register is confident this is one of the reasons why Photon Controller has been open-sourced in the first place.

“The company told The Reg this release was made to fulfil its promise of a free version of the code, to give users a heads-up and also to see what kind of ideas outsiders come up with as a kind of distributed research exercise.”

The VMware Photon Controller is available today and is being demoed at booth 32 in the Hallway Community Theater in Barcelona at DockerCon Europe 2015.