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IT pros ready to embrace automation in the workplace

Until recently the idea of machines and computers taking over from humans has been the stuff of sci-fi. But recent developments in automation have brought the reality of a machine takeover of many tasks much closer.

New research from smart automation specialist arago reveals that, amongst IT workers at least, more automation leads to greater job satisfaction. 85 per cent not only welcome smart automation, but also identify concrete benefits from it.

According to the study 85 per cent say that intellectually stimulating activities are most important to their job satisfaction, 88 per cent want to use automation to free up their time so they can focus on more strategic initiatives, 93 per cent believe automated IT tools do not put their jobs at risk, and 91 per cent realise automated IT tools are not the beginning of an AI takeover

When asked what they'd prefer to do instead of the menial tasks that take up much of their time, the two most preferred tasks are innovating technology/solutions (72 per cent) and modernising existing technology (63 per cent).

"IT pros know that smart automation technology frees up their time, reduces the need for menial tasks and allows them to concentrate on innovative endeavors that are much more strategic to their employers and their own future. That shows the common narrative stating that IT Pros find smart automation a threat to their jobs, and that they are afraid of a machine takeover, are overblown. The reality is quite the opposite." says Chris Boos, CEO for arago.

"Forward thinking CEOs, CIOs and HR executives need to be aware of the positive impact smart automation will have on their companies".

You can see more of the survey's findings in infographic form below.


Image Credit: Tatiana Shepeleva / Shutterstock