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Netflix launches Spinnaker

Netflix has launched its new open-source project Spinnaker. The project, which was in development for more than a year, comes as a replacement for Asgard, Netflix's previous model for Amazon Web Services cloud resources management.

Spinnaker was developed in partnership with Google, Microsoft and Pivotal, and Netflix says it is a Continuous Delivery, multi-cloud platform, on which engineers can run deployments across two cloud providers simultaneously.

"Spinnaker facilitates the creation of pipelines that represent a delivery process that can begin with the creation of some deployable asset (such as a machine image, Jar file, or Docker image) and end with a deployment,” Netflix said in a blog post announcing the project.

Spinnaker also provides cluster management capabilities and provides deep visibility into an application’s cloud footprint. Via Spinnaker’s application view, you can resize, delete, disable, and even manually deploy new server groups using strategies like Blue-Green (or Red-Black as we call it at Netflix). You can create, edit, and destroy load balancers as well as security groups.

In a separate blog post, Google explained how the service’s pipelines can be reused across workflows:

“Spinnaker enables you to define your own CD workflows by linking together a series of steps into pipelines that can be triggered manually or automatically, for example, based on specific events such as the completion of a pipeline or a Jenkins job. Pipelines can be reused across workflows”, says Rick Buskens, an engineering manager at Google.

You can find all the code for Spinnaker on this GitHub link.