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Office 365 subscriptions growing strong

Microsoft has done a really good job at transitioning its Office line of products from boxed to a subscription-based Office 365 service. Office 365 is a cloud-based service that offers Office applications for a monthly fee.

According to the guys and girls over at The Motley Fool, Microsoft has been exceptionally good at selling the relatively new service. Just look at the image below:

[caption id="attachment_131511" align="alignleft" width="580"]

Credit: The Motley Fool

Credit: The Motley Fool[/caption]

According to the Motley Fool report, at the start of 2014, Microsoft has had 4.4 million subscribers using Office 365. At the end of the same year, the number stood at 9.2 million, and today, at the third quarter of 2015, there are 18.2 million Office 365 subscribers.

“It's also worth pointing out that this growth is purely on the consumer side of the business,” the report adds. “Microsoft's enterprise business is far more important, and while the software giant doesn't disclose the specific number of seats, it is enjoying strong Office 365 commercial seat growth as well.”

The company is also focusing a lot of its attention (and finances) on security. It was reported that CEO Satya Nadella is spending $1 billion a year make Microsoft products more secure against hackers, malware and other threats.

The budget covers new acquisitions, hiring, building a new state of the art facility and creating a new security group within Microsoft. “They’ve changed themselves from worst in class to the best in class,” Hypponen told the New York Times' Nick Wingfield. “The change is complete. They started taking security very seriously.”