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UK businesses struggling with disaster recovery

UK businesses are struggling to implement effective disaster recovery solutions, according to the latest research.

A study conducted by Quorum highlighted the lack of preparation that threatens to derail many organisations.

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Only a third of UK businesses (34 per cent) are able to recover from disruption in a few minutes, despite the fact that 75 per cent of organisations admit that the threat of business downtime is likely to increase in 2016.

Although many companies are well aware of the financial (and perhaps regulatory) risks of downtime, many do not have the IT budget available to improve their disaster recovery systems. David Fisk, EMEA sales director at Quorum, believes that more organisations must adopt cloud-based Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solutions if they are to reduce the risk of downtime in an affordable way.

“This research has shown us that organisations are beginning to identify risks to their business, but many professionals are still struggling to implement an effective DR platform and run regular tests,” he said. “With cloud based DR and DRaaS, organisations can implement a more cost effective and simple DR platform to provide business continuity. Companies need to be better prepared going into 2016, organisations are predicting an upsurge in threats and business downtime can cost more than an effective DR solution damaging a companies reputation as well as the financial impact.”

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The study also cited cyberattacks and human error as the two biggest causes of business disruption, and some businesses must do more to mitigate both. 37 per cent of UK firms do not test their disaster recovery plans, which means it is impossible to know how effective they will be when disaster does eventually strike.

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