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Windows 10 a hit among enterprise users

Almost half (49 per cent) of companies which participated in a recent survey by Forrester Research had said that they plan on upgrading to Windows 10 by 2016.

The news broke out yesterday, adding that 38 per cent of workers who use a computer say they want Windows 10 on their next work laptop, with 9 per cent already using it on their primary work device.

This is a big deal, as such fast adoption of a new operating system is not something we usually see, especially not in the enterprise world. If we are to compare these figures to what we had with Windows 8 a couple of years back, we will see the difference: 22 per cent of business responded positively to the radically different OS back in 2012.

Like millions of other PC owners worldwide, many businesses chose to stay on Windows 7 rather than upgrade to the much-maligned Windows 8.

But it seems as Windows 10 has hit the nail straight on the head. It combines the user-friendliness of Windows 7 with touch-friendliness of Windows 8. Add some extra business management features to the mix, and you got yourself a great product.

Microsoft says that 14 million business users are on Windows 10 now, of 110 million users total. The company is focusing hard on attracting more business users, which is obvious with the addition of new features like Windows Store for Business.

Forrester says that it's seeing a lot of interest in "smart glasses" like Google Glass or Microsoft HoloLens, as "backoffice" workers turn to them for things like warehousing, logistics, or maintenance.