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Anonymous releases 'how to hack ISIS' guide

Hacktivist group Anonymous, which has recently declared "war” on ISIS, has released a guide on how to find and take out ISIS-related websites and social media accounts, the media reported on Thursday.

The group posted three different guides, to be used within #OpParis, the online campaign against the Middle-Eastern militants.

According to the International Business Times, their instructions included a "NoobGuide" for those who want to learn how to hack, a "Reporter" guide explaining the process of setting up bot accounts as well as a "Searcher" to find ISIS websites.

"Instead of sitting idle in the [chat] channel or lurking around and doing nothing, you can benefit greatly from the different tools and guides that have been provided to you," a member of Anonymous reportedly wrote.

"Your contribution means a lot and we encourage you to partake in all of the Op's activities if you can, the more the merrier."

ISIS has called Anonymous ‘idiots’ and shrugged off their threats as pointless. “The #Anonymous hackers threatened in new video release that they will carry out a major hack operation on the Islamic state (idiots),” the message says, according to Business Insider, which obtained a copy of it. “What they gonna hack?”

The terrorist organisation has, however, also issued a guide advising its members how to protect themselves from the hackers.

The extent damage #OpParis will do to ISIS' online presence is still unclear, but analysts say Anonymous will go after online personas, ISIS websites and social media accounts, making the information publically available.