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Gartner reports another slide for Windows Phone

Gartner says emerging markets drove worldwide smartphone sales to 15.5 per cent growth in the third quarter of 2015. However those figures are little comfort to those associated with Windows Phone as its individual share fell from 3 per cent in the corresponding quarter only a year ago to just 1.7 per cent in 2015.

The poor sales figures for Windows Phone come despite Gartner’s report, that globally there was an overall rise in the sale of smartphones (using any OS). The increase in smartphone sales is explained by users’ of feature phones upgrading as the price gap has dropped significantly. However, that will be of little consolation to Microsoft Phone as the increase in sales seems to have had no positive effect on the sales of Windows Phone handsets, with only 5.8 million sold in the 3rd Quarter.

What must be frustrating to those involved with the Microsoft Phone project is that the new Windows 10 OS is good and it is supported by a good hardware platform. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to entice the consumer market, which is dominated by Samsung and Apple, with Huawei also making significant growth in home and global markets, particularly in Europe. Microsoft Phone on the other hand experienced falling growth compared to figures this time last year and seems to have only a niche market in the enterprise.

This is something that Roberta Cozza, research director at Gartner, acknowledges: "Despite the announcement of Windows 10, we expect Windows smartphone market share will continue to be a small portion of the overall smartphone OS market as consumers remain attracted by competing ecosystems. Microsoft smartphones will mainly focus on driving value for enterprise users