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Take control of customer success with new Azuqua solution

It's not unusual for businesses to use a number of different applications as part of the customer relationship management process. This means they can end up creating complexities rather than a smooth operation.

App integration specialist Azuqua is launching a purpose-built solution to allow businesses to integrate data, automate business-critical workflows and take control of the customer experience by eliminating disconnection.

"A well-oiled customer success machine requires that your apps work in tandem to get consistent data instantly distributed across all possible customer touch-points. Relevance and timeliness matters, so when disconnected apps inject delays and mistakes, that translates into lost revenue," says Nikhil Hasija, CEO and co-founder at Azuqua. "Our solution alleviates your pain by ensuring data from accounts and contacts is consistent in every app, user notifications and alerts are timely, and hand-offs are accurate".

Azuqua for Customer Success features over 40 application integrations, including FullContact, Gainsight, Marketo, Salesforce, Workfront and Zendesk, and 15 purpose-built workflows. At each stage in the customer journey, Azuqua lets business users connect their SaaS applications, automate business-critical workflows, and take control of the customer experience.

Features include the ability to capture and record customer success milestones and exceptions from implementation, onboarding, training, and consulting. It can also centralise account and contact data across all systems of engagement from support to marketing to online communities. New or updated account and contact data can be shared across support, consulting, training, marketing, community, and other applications.

Integration with external customer success data sources such as FullContact gives the ability to automatically add data to account and contact records. Communications can be monitored for important customer success events or actions and alerts sent in near real-time via email, text, or instant messaging.

Azuqua for Customer Success is available now with prices starting from $250 per month.

Photo Credit: Mikko Lemola / Shutterstock