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UK SMEs are rejecting cloud storage as pointless

A vast majority of UK's small and medium enterprises (SME) are rejecting cloud as their primary means of storage and are questioning now the technology might be useful to them.

Those are the results of a new survey by Icomm Technologies, Computing says, and the results actually have something to do with confidence, believe it or not.

According to the survey, 13 per cent of UK SMEs are using cloud as their primary storage platform. Moreover, 22 per cent believe that cloud will become their primary means of storage in the future.

The key selling point of the cloud as the primary storage solution is scalability – which can be crucial if the start-up explodes and becomes a global phenomenon, like some do. However, UK's SMEs are not that confident they're the next big thing. They believe their growth will be much less spectacular, which is why they shy away from cloud storage.

"With economic growth being slow and steady, it shouldn't be a surprise that data growth has followed suit. Data growth does not come out of thin air: there will always be a correlation between the performance of a business and the amount of data being produced," said Icomm IT consultant Mark Lomas.

‘‘It's important to separate the hype from reality in order to understand how businesses can best manage their storage infrastructure. SMEs will often have less scope to experiment compared to a larger enterprise," said Lomas.

"Testing new solutions can be costly, meaning that if businesses want to make a change, they'll have to commit in a big way," he continued, adding: "While the cloud is likely to grow in popularity, SMEs are clearly in no rush to adopt it as their primary solution".