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Images leak of upcoming Samsung flip-phone

It may seem like revisiting an earlier era; going back perhaps a decade or more where flip phones were fashionable?

It may also sound strange that in today’s market for smartphones that all look the same – based on an Apple\Samsung design, which is predominantly driven by the requirement of the large Samsung touch-screen - that TENAA just certified such a device – the Samsung SM-W2016.

The awkwardly named Samsung SM-W2016 flip phone, is not as easy on the tongue as the Galaxy S6, however it is small and compact and features a glass back with curves on the side that is reminiscent of the Samsung S6 edge. Additionally, where it differs is that it has two identical screens (one outside the flip top case, and one inside) – These are 3.9-inch Super AMOLEDs screens with 768 x 1,280 pixel resolution (383ppi).

Of course, that's less impressive than the Galaxy S6 offers, a 5.1-inch quad AMOLED display of 3.6 megapixels, but for a phone that measures 120.4 x 61 x 15.1mm, that is not bad for a clamshell. The phone however surprisingly comes in at 240g, which is heavier than expected.

Despite its fliptop design the performance is uncompromising with an octa-core processor (the Exynos 7420) with 3GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. The phone runs Android 5.1 Lollipop (Samsung is yet to move to the latest Android version - Marshmallow).

The Samsung SM-W2016 though doesn’t support a QUERTY keyboard instead it uses a retro T9 style keypad below the inner screen. Similarly, the cameras have been degraded as there is now only an 8MP/1080p main camera on the back (with a heart rate sensor) and a 5MP selfie camera on the front.

Whether the Samsung SM-W2016 will be released globally is the question as earlier clamshell style phones such as the Galaxy Folder and the Wine, which although being inferior to the Samsung SM-W2016, never made it out of the Asian market.

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