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Apple cleared of another patent-infringing lawsuit

After Google and Samsung, Apple too was cleared of patent-infringing charges set upon them by ContentGuard Holdings.

Apple was sued that it illegally used ContentGuard's DRM technology, but on Friday, November 20, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas jury decreed that Apple did not flout five DRM-related patents.

Back in 2013, ContentGuard sued Apple, Google and Samsung. In 2015, Google and Samsung were cleared. For Apple, the process took a bit more time.

According to a report by the Tech Times, ContentGuard asserted that Apple infringed its five DRM patents by developing and retailing devices (which used iBooks and iTunes) to dispense movies, songs, books and shows that were DRM protected.

Apple said the lawsuit was invalid. The jury found that Apple was unable to prove the invalidity of the patents, but still it won’t be paying any damages to ContentGuard Holdings.

Tech Times said that ContentGuard’s lawyer Samuel Baxter revealed that the ruling was disappointing.

ContentGuard Holdings is a digital rights management business. It was formed in 2000 through a partnership between Microsoft and Xerox. The company is now owned by Time Warner and Pendrell Corp. Pendrell holds close to 1,200 patents worldwide through its subsidiaries.

Patent wars ae raging through the tech world, with giants such as Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Google and many others suing each other over various technology use.

The patent wars have also created something of a shopping spree, where big companies tend to buy others in possession of various patents.