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ERP in the cloud gaining popularity

Just over a third of organisations have moved all, or at least part of their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to the cloud, a new survey by Hitachi Solutions Europe has found.

The survey questioned 315 senior finance professionals with the aim of understanding their position and perceptions around ERP in the Cloud.

At this time 69 per cent of respondents have not moved their ERP systems to the Cloud, but close to half said they would consider such a move in the future. The majority of those planning to move said they’re thinking about doing it in the next two years.

Looking at the responses from larger organisations (those with over 500 employees) suggests that it is no longer just smaller organisations taking a Cloud-based approach to ERP. In fact, almost a third of larger organisations surveyed said they have moved all or part of their ERP to the Cloud, or are in the process.

Those who have moved say the main benefits include easier access to information, reduced operating cost and ERP performance. Eighty per cent rated their experience of using cloud-based ERP as excellent or good.

Among the main risks, security and privacy were the most important ones, followed by connectivity and dependency on a third party provider.

Respondents were asked what they would do differently if they were migrating their ERP to the Cloud again. Recommendations from survey respondents included making “a more informed choice on the actual providers” and “look[ing] more seriously at third party provision”.