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Quantcast: Finance marketers missing out on programmatic opportunities

Quantcast has released a new report which identifies key trends and opportunities in the financial vertical sector. The company specialises in utilising the power of big data and analytics to provide information to digital and mobile advertisers.

Quantcast surveyed 321 senior financial sector marketers in the UK, France, and Germany to better understand the ways in which they are employing digital and programmatic tactics to execute their marketing campaigns.

By applying its expertise, Quantcast was able to better understand the typical online credit card customer and to determine the kinds of online media they respond to. The report stresses the importance of marketers to begin to utilise and leverage the data available in regard to real time changes in consumer behaviour. This would allow companies to maximise their investments in programmatic digital advertisements.

Using the data collected from its 'Real-Time Advertising: Financial Sector' report, Quantcast was able to put together a detailed infographic which highlighted the ways in which consumers are using credit cards online. The report found that credit card applicants are more likely to be young, professional males living in big cities. They are two times more likely to have a graduate degree and to be in the top income bracket when compared to the UK average. International travel destinations and fine dining restaurants were often searched for by credit card applicants. Quantcast also found that it takes a person 23 days to submit an application for a credit card after first seeing the ad.

Quantcast's report encourages companies to put real time consumer data to better use and to utilise it to tailor their ads as well as their advertising budgets in a way which will enable them to better reach their consumers.

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Anthony Spadafora
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