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UK Consumers don't trust businesses with their data

Consumers in the UK do not trust organisations to protect their personal data and believe the Government and businesses should do more, a new research shows.

To make matters worse, an overwhelming majority of consumers surveyed said that they don’t believe businesses could keep their data safe. A quarter of those surveyed said nothing could restore their trust in a hacked company.

Out of a 1,000 consumers surveyed, 83 per cent say organisations should highlight what they are doing to protect customer data and 81 per cent want to see Government take action by reviewing data protection legislation. Moreover, 83 per cent also want to see Government imposing fines if sufficient safeguards are not implemented.

Taking action also goes beyond prevention, with respondents indicating that how businesses react to a data breach could determine loyalty and recommendations which in turn impact revenue generation over the long-term. Thirty per cent, for example, admit they will change suppliers if the company they are using becomes a victim of cyber-attack, and 28 per cent would also never consider using an organisation if it had been previously reported as a victim.

The overwhelming feeling is that organisations should take several clear steps to maintain trust and ensure the customer experience is not shaken by a breach. The top demand is for clarification that a new security programme has been installed (27 per cent), whilst 9 per cent want notification of an updated security policy and 6 percent want personal phone calls updating them about the situation.