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Windows tablets have a bright future ahead of them

If someone had told me two, three years ago that Windows tablets will have a bright future, while Apple's devices of the same nature will have a problem growing, I would have probably not believed them.

Yet, according to the latest 'Tablet Operating System Forecast' report from Strategy Analytics, that's basically what is going on here. According to the report, for the first nine months of this year, Windows tablets are up 58 per cent on 2014.

Total shipments for 2015 are predicted to hit 22 million. Looking at the market in general, these figures mean Microsoft will have 10 per cent share of the market, Apple will hold on to 22 per cent, while the mighty Android will hold the remaining 68 per cent.

Sure, looking at the year-on-year figures we see Microsoft has a healthy blood count, but it's looking four years forward where the Redmond giant really shines.

Strategy Analytics estimates that in four years Microsoft will have an 18 per cent share of the market, Google 59 per cent, while Apple will stay at the steady 23 per cent.

"Windows Tablet market share has dwindled in the mid-single digit range for the last few years but Windows devices now run the gamut from 2-in-1 Tablets from E-Fun in the US starting at $139 retail, to Microsoft's Surface Book starting at $1499 retail,” said Eric Smith, Senior Analyst, Tablet & Touchscreen Strategies service. “Power, graphics, and functionality aside, Windows 10 provides a stable base from which the ecosystem can grow and we are entering a world where Windows Tablets take significant market share from Android Tablets on the low end and compete head-to-head with iPad in the high and premium segments."