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5 great tools that allow you to integrate Google Apps for Work

One of the best benefits to utilising Google Apps for Work is the simple team collaboration. Google Apps for Work allows users to integrate this system with other helpful tools, and by better understanding some of the best, you can take advantage of these great services.


Clio is a comprehensive tool which is easy-to-use law practice management software that is based in the cloud. Legal professionals trust this service to manage and to grow their firms.

Clio provides you with the tools that you need to successfully run a law practice, including intake, invoicing, case management, managing bills, tracking time, accounting, and scheduling appointments. Clio will allow you to organise your firm so that you can structure workflows and share documents with your clients.

Clio integrates with Google Apps in a variety of ways in order to better serve your law practice:

  • Clio Sync and Google Calendar: Clio can sync with your Google Calendar, so additions, changes, and deletions made to either Google Calendar or Clio will be reflected in both of these systems.
  • Clio Sync and Google Contacts: The two programs can also sync to merge your contacts within both systems.
  • The communications functionality of Clio works to merge with your Gmail account.


Samanage is a software program that allows users to manage their IT assets and help desk. This cloud-based program is easy to use and offers businesses a variety of great features:

  • Manage help desk tickets and service requests using email integration
  • Control and manage every asset within an organisation
  • Track all software licenses and contracts
  • Continuously scan hardware and software programs to detect risks
  • Analyse your assets in order to optimise services

One of the important features of Samanage is its integration with Google Apps when you integrate the system with Samanage. By integrating these two systems, you’ll be able to easily access important information about your assets, track inventory, and manage contact information. You can also improve communication using features like Gmail or Google Talk.


The Switch phone system is a great way to streamline how your organisation does business, allowing calls to go to all of your devices at once. This will allow you to answer the device that is most convenient for you at the time, so you’ll never miss out on call while you are on the road or away from the office.

Switch integrates with Google Apps, allowing you to streamline the way that you do business. There are a variety of great things that you can do with a phone system using Google Apps:

  • You’ll be able to easily get a hold of your team using your Google contacts across all of your devices
  • Control your calls and messaging easily using mobile apps and Switch Chrome
  • Use Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Calendar in order to provide context to your communications
  • Get a listing of your entire communications history, allowing you to view all of your calls, messages, voice recordings, and voice messages in the same place


SendGrid is a Google Apps for Work business tool that all organisations should consider using. SendGrid is a transactional email management and delivery service, and it provides for cloud-based email delivery services, and the program manages different types of email such as friend requests, newsletters, sign-up confirmations, and shipping notifications. It also handles ISP monitoring, feedback loops, sender policy framework, and domain keys.

When using SendGrid, you can utilise the system to power emails on Google Apps. Using SendGrid can help to improve deliverability and provide transparency into the functions of the emails that the app sends. You’ll be able to see statistics regarding clicks, opens, spam reports, unsubscribes, and more. You’ll also be allowed to send and design automatic email responses based on customer action or time.


Moodle is an online tool utilised by educators and students. This system allows teachers to create a private website with their learning content, and it can help the user to better manage their files. Google Drive can also be used to drag and drop off files, and users can keep track of academic activities, track the progress of assignments, and to alert team members or students of new assignments and due dates.

By integrating Moodle with Google Apps, you will be able to share and leverage documents, online training content, and work files across both systems. Students will be able to access their course content through Moodle, and then they can carry out their work through Google Apps. You can also use both Google Apps and Moodle to share calendars and to create slides, documents, and spreadsheets.

You don’t have to do business using a variety of individual tools. Take advantage of some of the best programs that integrate Google Apps for Work to improve the way that you do business.

Image source: Shutterstock/Yeamake