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COSMOTE shows new tech, promises speedy mobile internet

A new innovative technology was showcased recently, which might make streaming movies on portable devices a breeze.

The technology, that combines 1.86GHz (FDD) and 3.5GHz (TDD) spectrums, was showcased at the InfoCom World Conference by Deutsche Telekom and COSMOTE, in collaboration with Nokia.

According to the press release, the combination of said spectrums enhances capacity, speed and quality for demanding services like video streaming and significantly improves customer experience.

COSMOTE said its visitors at the conference had the chance to try out its 4G+ network which offers data speeds of 500 Mbps. “COSMOTE is the first provider in Greece and one of the first worldwide that has managed to demonstrate speeds up to 500 Mbps,2 in collaboration with Ericsson and Qualcomm Technologies,” it says. Such speeds basically mean you could download a 4K movie in less than two minutes.

COSMOTE and Huawei also presented the Hybrid Access technology that "unifies" the fixed and mobile broadband networks to offer greater speeds and better customer experience. Market launch of the Hybrid Access technology is expected in 2016.

"OTE Group brings the future of telecommunications today. We invest in innovation in order to be the first to offer our customers pioneering fixed and mobile telecommunications services, while we continue to assertively expand our New Generation Networks and develop the country’s infrastructure. With the consecutive 'firsts' achieved by the OTE Group, such as the demonstration of speeds up to 500 Mbps via our 4G+ network, we confirm our technological superiority and make a difference for our customers", said Stefanos Theocharopoulos, OTE Group Chief Technology & Operations Officer.